Flyer Printing

Flyer Printing in Raleigh

A Flyer is typically a single printed sheet, sometimes folded that is often used to draw attention to an upcoming event or a local service offering. Depending on how they are distributed, flyers are sometimes referred to as handbills, leaflets, inserts or circulars. They are often handed out in front of a retail store or restaurant or passed out at trade shows or community events as well.  Flyers usually have a relatively Folded Flyer Exampleshort lifespan so, they are usually printed on a lighter weight, inexpensive paper. While a flyer can be printed any size, they are most often printed as a standard 8.5″ x 11″ size.

Flyer is a great, low-cost option for promoting your business or event. They’re also one of the most affordable marketing formats out there. While social media gets a lot of attention these days, flyers are still a low tech, tried and true marketing option for local businesses.

You also have the option of folding your flyers so they can be “tabbed” and put in the US Postal service as a self-mailer or enclosed in an envelope.

For low quantity (short runs) flyer printing we offer our digital printing option and for much large (long run) needs we can print your flyers using our offset printing presses for a very economical low price per piece.

Let’s us help you get your message out with our
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Flyer Uses

  • Restaurant Menus
  • Event Announcements
  • Political Campaigns
  • Trade Show Handouts
  • Protest or “Cause” Awareness
  • Grand Opening Accouncements
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Folding
  • Tabbing
  • Mailing