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Customers large & small trust Creative Influence with their most important Digital, Offset and Large Format printing requirements. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have entrusted their high-profile projects directly in our hands for an outstanding deliverable.

Today’s digital presses have advanced to the point where the quality is equal to, and in some cases superior to offset presses. Color Management, Registration Accuracy and even Pre-flighting continues to advance in the Digital Print arena. The real advantage to our customers however, is the lower up-front cost coupled with the speed it takes to complete projects. Digital printing does not require plate-making and the traditional “make-ready” required for offset is virtually nonexistent.

Creative Influence provides solid counseling for the best outcome on each of your projects. Our knowledge base is extensive and our offerings are not limited. Options are available for every budget, every deadline with quality and excellence always as our first priority.


HP Indigo presses have garnered the reputation for producing the highest quality digital prints in the marketplace. HP’s “Electro Ink” is a liquid, not dry toner, providing more brilliant and superior color results when compared to toner-based presses.

Inline densitometers are constantly scanning each sheet as it passes through the press to ensure consistent color and print quality. The press will automatically make adjustments in order to maintain the highest quality possible. And because it’s a digital press, it’s capable of incorporating variable data technology allowing for every print sheet to be unique and personalized!

Rush Printing

These days businesses run 24/7 and that continues to test every outcome and thanks to our process, Creative Influence is able to meet every challenge with ease and confidence. Everything happens faster here; everything is pretty much “due yesterday”. We get straight to work and focus on getting it done right every time. Others will say the deadline is impossible – Creative Influence will always take the challenging jobs and provide a remarkable outcome.

At Creative Influence, we have ink in our veins and RUSH printing is a part of our culture. We like to say it’s our mindset that makes us unique and brings you success.

Short Runs

Business needs evolve rapidly and therefore plans have to change as well. Traditionally, print buyers would order one large print run each year. They’d sent the materials to a warehouse and then draw down their inventory of materials as they needed them. Research tells us that a large percentage of warehoused printed materials end up being discarded because it has become obsolete. Short run printing solves that problem in two ways. First, by printing shorter runs you don’t even need the expense of a warehouse and secondly, with short run printing you can print only what you need today and simply reorder more materials as/when you need them. Creative Influence maintains your files and if updates are needed – no problem – an updated file will be provided for approval before we print the next request.

Environmentally "Green"

Climate Change is something we hear about a lot lately. It’s a real concern and every industry must step up and be part of the solution. The inks used in our digital presses are non-toxic and by having almost zero waste in the digital printing process it’s a great way to help save our planet. Even the manufacture of our HP Indigo presses is certified carbon neutral! And all the paper stocks we use are FSC certified which means the pulp used in the manufacture of those papers was harvested in a sustainable manner. Paper Manufacturer’s now offer 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) stock. This means that the paper has been 100% recycled and new paper created without touching a single tree. Creative Influence continues to stay informed with every aspect of new stocks being brought to our clients and provide offerings that fit their needs. In addition, Creative Influence recycles all ink cans, cardboard and paper scraps generated by our production facility on a daily basis.

Why choose Creative Influence for your digital printing needs?

  • Our cutting edge digital printing capabilities allows us to provide fast, high quality, short run digital printing at affordable prices.
  • Our cutting edge digital presses produce outstanding high resolution printing with brilliant, vivid colors on a wide range of paper stocks. 
  • Our complete digital workflow allows us to have “ink on paper” within minutes of having received your graphic files without waste and without sacrificing quality.
  • Our staff of experienced and dedicated printing professionals are quite frankly, the best in the business. 

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