Corporate & Brand Events

We bring sophisticated business models to life, and we know how to distill complex ideas into concepts that influence.

Investor meeting, sales meeting, new product rollout, flawless performance is essential. Performance that is seamless (and painless), professional and concise is a given. Our professional, experienced and diverse event team will work closely with you to stage an event that maximizes the achievement of your goals and best embodies the messages and positioning that you seek to communicate.

Wide Range of Events

  • Conference + Sales Meetings
  • Trade Show Exhibitions
  • Consumer Experience
  • Brand Events
  • Sports & Fashion
  • Product Launches

Event Services

  • Meeting Design & Theme Development
  • Agenda Development
  • Content Development
  • Speaker Support & Coaching
  • Video Production
  • High-end Power Point Presentations
  • Transition Elements
  • Staging & A/V Management
  • Materials Production
  • Web-based Conference Tracking System
  • Coordination of Logistics
  • On-Site Staffing

Featured Digital Print Products

The Influence Work Ethic

When our clients tell us we work like bankers, they mean it as a compliment.

We perform due diligence before we undertake an assignment. We learn as much as we can about the firm that is retaining us, its communications needs, its style and approach.

The homework, coupled with our experience, makes our process extraordinarily efficient. It enables us to construct a project flowchart from the end point and keeping elements off the critical path. This practice, we like to think, makes for flawless projects, ones that meet your objectives as well as being on time and on budget.




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Die-cut and Kiss-cut of various substrates for digital and offset printed sheets.