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Newsletter Printing in Raleigh

Company newsletters are an excellent vehicle to stay connected with your customers. There is a huge marketing value to your business in regularly communicating new product introductions, business achievements, media mentions or even industry trends and events.

Reasons Why Printed Newsletters Remain Effective
First of all, newsletters get delivered!  We all experience digital overload when bombarded with emails, ads, text messages and the like.  Receiving an actual printed newsletter is a welcome deviation to a person’s daily routine. Studies have shown the not only does reading printed material lead to better retention but that people like the feel (and smell) of paper in their hands.

The second reason newsletters still have value is the fact that a printed document has more of a perceived value. An article titled “Why Print Still Matter for Marketers” says “The perceived value of print can be seen in the way magazine subscribers get an emotional lift when their favorite magazine shows up in their mailbox. Online eMags and eNewsletters may have value but seldom generate the same enthusiasm.”  Sending a printed newsletter to customers subtly sends a message that you value that customer enough to take the time and effort to keep them informed about your business.

Variable Data
For even greater impact with your newsletter readers, consider using variable data printing.  Variable data printing allows you to personalize each and every newsletter and even customize the newsletter content based on customer demographics or sales history.

Whether you decide to produce a monthly, quarterly or even an annual newsletter you can be sure that it will have a positive impact on your overall marketing efforts.

Creative Influence offers both offset and digital printing options depending on the quantity of newsletters you’ll be sending out.  Digital printing is perfect for smaller run lengths whereas offset printing is more economical for very large print run.  And if your newsletters will be sent via the US Postal Service, our in-house mailing service can ensure your newsletters arrive to the proper address on time.

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Newsletter Uses

  • Customer Newsletters
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Non Profit Newsletters
  • Trade Organization Newsletters
  • Educational/School Newsletters
  • Church Newsletters
  • Community Newsletters
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  • 100# Silk/Matte Text
  • 100# Uncoated Text
  • 80# Gloss Text
  • 80# Silk/Matte Text
  • 80# Uncoated Text
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  • Folding
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Aqueous Coating
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