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Event Graphics Printing in Raleigh

Whether your event is a trade show, a corporate event or a product launch you’re going to need a wide array of printed graphic items.  You goal at any Event Graphicsevent is to draw a crowd and get your product messaging across in a clear and concise manner.  Depending on the venue for your event you’re most likely going to find that you need to transform what might be a dull, ordinary space into a colorful, exciting and inspiring space that welcomes and creates an environment conducive to selling your product or service.

Creative Influence has all the tools and know how to transform any venue into a vibrant, visually impactful customer experience, regardless of size and scope.  We’ve been there many times and understand what a daunting task it can be to decide what type of graphics to order for your event as well as getting the graphics professionally installed at the venue.

Here is an overview of some of the printed event graphics we offer:

Signage of all kinds helps build brand awareness and supports your brand message and more.  Creative Influence can provide many types of signage such as wayfarer signs to guide attendees to destinations, yard signs that are placed outside the venue, trade show booth signage, podium signs and many others.

Podium Signs
Promote your brand by adding a podium sign when addressing a crowd.  A podium sign could simply be your brand logo or could include contact information or the name and title of the person speaking.

Custom podiums signs can be produced in any size but the most common size is around 18 to 24 inches across.  Podium signs can be printed on Foamcore, Sintra (plastic), Metal or Wood.

Pop Up Banners

Pop Up Banner Stands (sometimes referred to as Retractable Banner StaPoster up Banner Prinitngnds), are perfect for trade shows, retail advertising, point of purchase, conferences and promotion events due to the fact that they are easy to transport, easy to set up, inexpensive and highly visible. Pop up banners allow you to catch passers by some basic information about your business that entices them to want more information about your product or service. Pop Up Banners are easy to setup at your event.  You simply pull it up, insert the rod provided and voila, your message is out there for the world to see! And when your event is over you simply remove the rod and the graphic disappears back into the cassette, well protected for your next event.

Event Badges
Most event badges are designed to be able to classify badge wearers into distinct groups such as exhibitor, attendee, venue staff, security or similar Custom Printed Event Badgesclassifications. Anyone should be able to quickly determine whether that person is authorized to access certain locations or be performing certain activities or tasks.  Large, easy to read event badges help control who has certain access to specific locations or is admitted to the event. 

A well designed, colorful poster is hard to miss and will ensure that no matter where your custom poster is displayed, passers-by will stop and take notice.  Posters can be used to help direct attendee to meeting rooms or activities, promote your product or brand, provide product information or simply added colorful photos that help sell your products or services.

Vinyl Banners
Vinyl banners are an ideal and inexpensive way to get your message out in a big way. Custom printed banners can easily be hung indoors or outside and available in very large sizes that attendees can miss.

Trade Show Booths
Trade Show Exhibit GraphicsExhibiting at a trade show, while not cheap, can provide significant benefits to your business. Trade shows allow you to showcase a new or existing product as well as the ability to demonstrate that product in-person to a very specific target market that often results in lots of high-quality leads and new customers.

Trade shows can be very busy and crowded events where you can get lost in mix. But a well-designed and well-crafted booth will help you stand out from the crowd and attract a large number of potential customers.  With the plethora of booth styles and sizes to choose from let our Creative Influence team help guide you through the selection process.

Column Wraps
Large events are sometimes housed in stark, empty warehouses or convention centers.  Column wraps can help dress up the venue as well as create additional opportunities for placing advertisements or event directional information.

Step and Repeat Backdrops
Step and repeats are a simple but effective marketing tool that offers a giant opportunity to promote your brand in a grand way. Their many uses make them a perfect option for a wide variety of events, large or small. Consider using a step and repeat to give your next event the star-studded feel that will get your company the exposure it needs!

Step and repeat backdrops are a cost-effective way to get your brand or company logo prominently displayed in the backgrounds of photographs that often end up in newspaper or TV news reports or social media postings. They reinforce brand awareness at press conferences, gala’s, fundraisers, product launches, ribbon cuttings, grand openings and corporate events.

Promotional Items
Also know as “promo” items, premiums or giveaways, these are useful products given to attendees that are typically emblazoned with your brand, Custom Branded Muglogo or message.  Picking the most appropriate promo items is very important as your end goal is for attendees to return home with the item and every time they use it they will be reminded of your product or service.  Our promo experts can help recommend unique, high quality products that will effectively promote your brand.

Fabric Light Boxes
Fabric light boxes are thin metal boxes that contain a light source and employ Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) to deliver a clean, elegant and eye-Silicon Edge Graphicspopping graphic that easily catches everyone’s eye. The display graphic is printed on fabric and when lit from behind by the light source really jump out at the viewer.  A thin strip of silicone is sewn along the edge of the graphic and is inserted and disappears into a groove along the perimeter of the light box given a very clean look to the display.

Banners & Posters
Banners and posters have a myriad of uses, are inexpensive and can easily be displayed to help direct attendees, relay critical event announcements as well as build brand awareness, promotion your products and services.

Window Graphics
Empty window spaces create a perfect surface area that can be effectively used to get a message out. Whether it’s vinyl cad cut lettering or vinyl window clings window graphics are often the first image attendees see when arriving at the venue.  

Wall Graphics
Elevator Door GraphicsTransform your venue’s look and feel with colorful imagery that creates an inviting space for your attendees by converting any surface such as walls, elevator doors, stairs, escalators and more – into an appealing and informative space.

Floor Graphics
And finally, don’t ignore the floor!  It’s one more surface area that provides an opportunity for advertising and/or informational messages. Floor graphics not only hard to miss but they create a unique and impactful way to be seen.

Let’s us help you get your message out with our
high quality custom event graphics from Creative Influence!

Event Graphics

  • Podium Signs
  • Pop Up (Retractable) Banners
  • Step and Repeat Backdrops
  • Directional (Wayfair) Posters
  • Fabric Lightboxes
  • Window Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Event & Name Badges
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Brochure Printing
  • Promotional Items
  • Tent Cards
  • Installation

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